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"The Long, Dark Bathtime for the Soul"

Sitting in the tub, only a small candle for a light
The flame flickers on the wall, barely holding back the night.
Wanting to take an escape from life’s eternal wrath
Christiane wasn’t sure what to do, so she took a bath.

The wax drips down the sides, hardening as it goes
And Christiane stretches out her limbs, popping bubbles with her toes.
She soaks and dwells, internally yells, at all that has gone wrong
It all feels like it lasts forever, but it isn’t really very long.

The water has cooled, her skin has pruned, and the bubbles dissipated
So Christiane is forced to return to her life earlier than she anticipated
She remembers to remember, that it’s all okay because
None of it really matters, except the stuff that does.

(Starring the amazing Christiane Lopez of!)

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That was so beautiful

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Map Lab
400 Years of Beautiful, Historical, and Powerful Globes

To look at an ancient globe is to look at the Earth as it was seen by the people of another time. It reflects their understanding of the continents and seas, and it captures political divisions that have long since shifted. Even the typography and colors of a globe are indicative of the time and place of its origin, says Sylvia Sumira, a London-based conservator of ancient globes.

Often, it’s a thing of remarkable craftsmanship and beauty. “If you go into a room and there’s a globe, your attention is immediately drawn to it,” Sumira said. In her lavishly illustrated new bookGlobes: 400 years of exploration, navigation, and power, Sumira traces the history and making of globes and showcases dozens of fine examples drawn largely from the collection of the British Library.”

photo: moon globe made by the artist John Russell, 1797.

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A time-lapse peony from a 1950s promotional short, “Garden Wise.” I just started another blog for GIFs made from vintage ephemeral films like this.

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Believe in love’s infinite journey,
for it is your own, for you are love.
Love is life

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Ice Covered Street Lamp on Mt Washington

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